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Auction Post #1

This set of auctions will end 18 June 2010. If you can't post before the 17th or so, don't fret--another auction post will go up. Deadline for delivery, unless bidders and offerers work out something privately, is 10 July 2010. We'd really like to get items to the bidders as soon as possible, so please try to stick to the given date.

If you are auctioning something, please remember to supply the following in your comment: the item or service being auctioned, the fandoms you will draw/write/beta/etc. for (if applicable), a starting price, and your preferred Gulf-related charity (optional). If you are auctioning more than one thing, please comment separately for each item/service. It's helpful if you post the type of item in your subject bar, as well (e.g. "Handmade Jewelry," "Dr. Who Fanfiction," etc.), and if you don't have LJ PMs enabled, please provide contact information, as well.

In the interest of making sure all the information is in the right place, please use this template for your offerings:

If you are bidding, reply to the comment you are interested in, not this post. If there is already a bid, reply to the bid (so the seller can click one link and see the entire bid history in case there are bid repeats, and any previous bidders know they have been outbid).

If you are doing neither of these and wish to chat, please do it on IM or via PMs. You may run into friends (or make them) during the auction or have bidding wars (keep it friendly, please!) and that's totally cool, but comments that don't contain a bid or an item for auction may confuse other bidders (especially now that the pages are collapsed) and can quickly flood the inbox of the item offerer if a conversation goes on for many posts. So please: don't post comments that do not contain either an offer or a bid. I'm not saying this to be mean--it's for the convenience of everyone involved.

If you need a charity to donate to, there are links provided in the sidebar to some (but by no means all) of the charities working in the Gulf. If you know of a charity that's doing work in the Gulf area that is not listed and you think they should be, feel free to PM a maintainer and we'll try to add it. Please remember that while I have checked sites to make sure these organizations are legit, I am human and therefore fallible, and that any organization not listed is one I have not checked. Make sure you know where your money is going--if you suspect a scam, do some research!

Let the bidding begin! Let's make a difference for those on the Coast!
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